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Weight Loss Yoga Workout For Beginners, 15 Minute Total Body Stretch Workout Yoga Class

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Weight Loss Yoga Workout For Beginners, 15 Minute Total Body Stretch Workout Yoga Class

In this video, Yoga instructor Jen Hilman gives a total body yoga stretch workout. This free 15 minute yoga class is designed for weight loss and fat burning. This is a beginners yoga routine. These exercises are fitness training that that will help you lose weight and tone your total body.

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Ariana James - Fitness Model - Lower Ab Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

Colombian Fitness Model Ariana James best lower ab workouts to lose belly fat video shows that how you can reach toned and shape body.

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How I lost weight healthy lifestyle ♡ Weight Loss/Healthy eating♡ "How To Lose Weight"

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- Makeup in this video

Hi beauties, welcome back to my channel.

This video was one of the scariest iv ever but up because it was so personal. I was terrified for soooo many reasons one you would all hate. If you did like it please thumbs it up. Iv had so many requests to do this video so I hope you like it. I am a qualified nutritionist and will try my best to answer any questions you have on healthy eating and maintaining a balanced diet which is not always easy. I try to encourage healthy clean eating over dieting.


Ash xxx

Sample meal plan: guys this is just a sample don't forget that. When I make a meal plan for an individual I spend a lot of time with that person to get likes and dislikes and intolerance if any so I can compile something that meets their dietary requirements. They also fill in a consultation form for me. This is only a teeny tiny sample of what I do as a nutritionist.

On rising

- Glass of tepid water with the juice of 1 lemon


- 30g porridge oats

- 50g dried fruit of your choice

- 200ml low fat milk

- Cup of tea

Mid-morning Snack

- 2 mandarins/plums and low fat yoghurt (danone Activia)


Low – Cal butternut squash soup (serves 6) can be frozen and eaten the following week

- 1 butternut squash

- 1 clove garlic

- 2 carrots

- 2 celery slicks

- 2 vegetable stock cubes or gelatinised stock (knorr stock cube or oxo)

- Chop all veg and cover with the stock

Cook until the vegetables are soft. Once cool enough, liquidise

Mid-day snack


Vegetable sticks – carrot, celery, cucumber

Green tea or fruit juice


Salmon Parcel

- 150g Salmon fillet skinned

- Black pepper and lemon juice

- 3 medium potatoes

- 1 spring onion

- Handful of fresh parsley

- 1 tsp olive oil

- Courgettes or green vegetables of choice

Brush a large piece of foil with oil and place fish in the centre. Season with salt, fresh ground pepper and some lemon juice. Fold up the foil to make a loose parcel. Bake in oven at 180°C for 20 – 30 minutes or until the fish is cooked . While the fish is cooking boil the peeled potatoes, when cooked mash with 1 tsp chopped spring onion and 1 tsp chopped parsley add a dash of low fat milk if too dry. Serve fish with mash and green vegetables of choice


Chicken dinner serves 1

- 130g chicken fillet, baked in foil

- Squeeze of lemon and chopped garlic

- 4 baby boiled potatoes

- Steamed, boiled or roasted vegetables (carrots, cabbage, broccoli etc.)

Pre bedtime Snack

One medium nectarine

The EU food pyramid:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Video was filmed on Canon EOS 600d

All editing was done by me using window movie maker

This video is not sponsored all opinions are my own. Music is downloaded from a royalty free site and all music is royalty free.

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**In this Exercise You Should burn fat!

Kneel down with your knees together on the floor.

Position your body straight and your hands on the Fitness Ball. Keep your Hip fixed and your hands firmly on the ball. Keep your hip fixed.

So contract your abs make steps forward and backward in an alternated form (right and left legs). Keep your knees slightly flexed during the movement. Do it as fast as you can!

Make sure that you are making a contraction focusing your Abs muscle to keep the equilibrium! It's nice to beginners!

You can do 3 or 4 sets of 10 to 30 sec for better results.

***It's a efficient movement to BURN FAT on the Ball!

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Extreme Ripped Body Workout - Do This Workout 5X/Week to get Ripped!

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Hey Y'all,

It's Mike and today we are going to do a ten minute workout and all you're going to need is a towel. We are going to work chest, back, arms, abs and get some cardio in this workout. SO yes it is going to be intense!

Video breakdown:

0:24 A lot of guys aren't doing the workouts and the workouts are short! Why does this happen? It is a lack of willpower...

0:53 I've been reading a book called "The Willpower Instinct", and it has really helped me understand how we are driven to accomplish our goals. So many things in life depend on willpower and this booked helped me out, so check it out if you want.

1:34 Four reasons that people destroy their willpower:

1) Stress, anxiety, depression and any negative emotion will kill your willpower.

2) Lack of sugar to your brain and a lack of sleep.

3) You simply run out of willpower.

4) Lack of training... yes you have to train your willpower.

How to overcome destroying your willpower:

1) Exercise, healthy eating, hang out with friends and don't stress.

2) Eat every two to three hours.

3) When you run out of willpower, try doing things in the morning.

4) Time how many breaths you take in sixty seconds and whatever it is, you want to lower your breaths from 6-10 for every sixty seconds. Work your way up to twenty minutes a day and you will definitely reduce your rash decision making.

Follow these steps and take control of your fitness goals and your life.

**Note: I personally listen to to during all my workouts to get mentally prepare for my intense training and also prepare for my daily tasks.... it's not only a game changer, it's a life changer.

Now lets get to training:

10 MIN workout...Follow me let's go!!!

And if you want to build a ripped V-Shape body fast, watch this video now.

I've always had trouble getting a ripped body. I had a ton of fat that would never go away and I didn't have the willpower to do anything about it... until I found this one "trick" that gave me the ripped six pack abs I had always wanted.

Could this one "trick" be the answer to your fitness problems as well?

Watch this video to find out for yourself.

Train Hard,


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