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Ministry of Sound’s Stephanie Fitzpatrick’s fitness tips

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The Ministry of Sound, Pump it Up guys give us a great work out with their DVDs. I know, I’ve attempted them.

Stephanie Fitzpatrick, is a veteran to the group, having featured in four of the Pump It Up DVDs and here are her top fitness tips to help you get in shape in the New Year.

 1. I find it really beneficial to have a fitness aim. Be it a 10k charity race or getting fit for a summer holiday. It keeps me motivated and focused throughout the year. 

2. I split my training into summer and winter. I train outside for half the year. Running jogging , skipping rope, using benches for lunges , squats , planks. You name it I use it. This helps me stay creative and get some really important fresh air. In winter I train in the gym. My muscles (and my mood) don’t respond very well to freezing cold and rain. So I look forward to swimming inside,trying out all the new classes and so on. 

3. When I’m running (outside or on the treadmill) I find it helpful to aim to run for a certain amount of tracks on my iPod rather than watching the clock. This keeps my interests and my energy up. Time also seems to go quicker. 

4. On that horrid day when i just want to go to bed and exercise is the last thing in the world I want to do. I make myself go to the gym. I make sure I have my most uplifting workout soundtrack at the ready and i start off my workout doing my favourite exercises.  I make myself focus on the fact that I found the motivation to get myself there . It’s not about having the bet training session ever . In fact even if I go home after 20 minutes . I still made the effort. And i really really try to find the positive in that. You can’t be super women everyday ! 

5. When I’m having a bad patch in my training and the motivation has just disappeared I sign up for something new. I find a class I’ve never done. for instance kick boxing was my last motivation boast. The time before that it was military boot camp. Even one session with your local gym personal training will gain great effect. Showing you some new and interesting ways to exercise .

6. Stretching. This one is the most important. Even if you have gone weeks or months without exercise. Stretching helps de-fuss your muscle build up. It lengthens you. It releases the build up of nasty toxins in your body. It helps push oxygen around your body , which will always make you feel better. It also breakdowns all the physical and emotional tension you have stored up. Find just 5 minutes and take lost of deep breaths. 

7. I don’t diet. Full stop. If I want to get in shape I eat more. I look at how I’m feeling and I find the correct food group to help that and make sure I get more of it in my diet ( b6/ magnesium /what ever i may be lacking in and so on). I eat more fruit and veg. I eat fresh healthy proteins and complex carbohydrates. I exercise more, upping the cardio. I find the body fascinating and how it works amazes me. It’s not all about dress sizes and skinny jeans. You eat well to feed your brain, your emotions, your bones and so on. You only get one of these crazy little machines . You have to look after it!  

8. I love chocolate. No glossy magazine, popster or super model is going to make me feel bad about being in love with dark chocolate ginger. If you’re eating healthy and exercising as part of your everyday lifestyle then what’s a little dark chocolate or the occasional mint chocolate aero betweens friends ? 

9. Water. We’ve heard it so many times it’s beyond boring! But water is so good for our bodies. What works for me is to have a full two litre bottle with me as I leave the house. I make myself carry around that bottle to meetings, castings, rehearsal, shopping everywhere until it’s gone. This can be annoying, but it also makes me very aware and in-tune with how much I should be hydrating everyday .
10. The correct fitness gear. I’m lucky to have worked alongside some of the worlds most professional sports brands. And I’ve learnt that the science behind the correct training shoe is essential. Its not about fashion or £££ . It’s about protecting your joints . In years to come your knees will thank you for it. Plus being on the treadmill pulling up your bra and pulling down your top isnt the most comfortable feeling. So I always look at comfort and support first off .I feel far more confident and focused when I get these things right. 

10. My job is different every day. And I travel a lot. This can make it hard to plan exercise . I’ve found popping a fitness DVD, like Pump It Up, in my suitcase helps. I know that whatever time zone , however crazy my schedule is I can always pop the DVD in my laptop at my hotel room . Even if I just do a warm up and cool down I’ll still feel much better. Every little helps ! 

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San Diego power men resolutions

We asked a few of our favorite San Diego society figures for their reflections on the year past and plans for the year ahead. From proud moments to new resolutions, get the Insider scoop with Mayor Jerry Sanders, Chef Bernard Guillas of The Marine Room, and San Diego Chargers players, #32 Eric Weddle and #80 Malcom Floyd.

You’re looking better than ever. What are your health and fitness tips for fellow San Diegans?

Mayor Jerry Sanders: Lifestyle changes and consistent exercise will get you fit and keep you fit. I lost 94 pounds over two years – less than a pound a week – by making good choices that I can sustain and by walking 70 miles a week. The best exercise is the one you do, so find something that works for you and do it consistently.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Mayor Jerry Sanders: There’s still a lot I want to accomplish, like expanding the convention center, completing the library and ending the city’s longstanding structural deficit. I’m going to work like crazy this year to get it done and leave this city in good shape for the next mayor.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in 2011?

Mayor Jerry Sanders: This past year, we accomplished the largest cost-saving measure in city history when we secured the agreement of city unions to reduce the enormous, long-underfunded retiree health care liability that really was a looming crisis. Taxpayers will save more than $700 million over time with this, and I’m proud we could get it done through an agreement with our employees so that we won’t spend years in court litigating it.

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders

Chef Bernard Guillas

How are you celebrating New Year’s Eve this year?

Chef Bernard Guillas: I will be in my kitchens celebrating with my culinary elves and good friends Chef Ron Oliver from the Marine Room, Chef Amy DiBiase from the Shores and Chef Brian Freerksen from the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. I can’t wait to pop that bottle of Billecart-Salmon Rosé at the midnight bell on the surf.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Chef Bernard Guillas: I have two resolutions: First is to work out with a trainer and to keep balance with Yoga. My second resolution is to finish my second cook book with my partner in crime and co-author of Flying Pans, Chef Ron Oliver.

What is the most sophisticated party cuisine to serve?

Chef Bernard Guillas: A caviar tasting from the golden state of California 100% sustainable Tsar Nicoulai. On my palette the crown jewel Osetra, truffle caviar, ginger caviar, golden reserve and California estate pearls. Served with quinoa blinis, chives, crème fraîche and paired with Buddha’s Hand vodka martini.

What San Diego event are you most looking forward to in 2012?

Chef Bernard Guillas: Chef Showdown in October. The ultimate way to give back to my community with my culinary friends.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Eric Weddle: Make the playoffs next season.

What achievement are you most proud of in 2011?

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Fit Links: Best Workout Songs Of 2011, Beginner Fitness Tips And More

There are hundreds of wonderful sites on healthy living to be seen all over the blogosphere. Here at Fit Links, we’ll introduce you to some that have caught our eye.

For anyone squeezing in the few last workouts of 2011: Get your heart pumping to the best beats of the year. Check out the best workout songs of 2011 according to Fit Bottomed Girls.

Planning on testing out a new exercise routine in 2012? Avoid those embarrassing (and potentially painful) mistakes with these great beginner fitness tips from FitSugar.

Most yoga teachers will tell you they love what they do, except for one thing. Well + Good investigated to find out if they are actually making a living.

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Top 10 New Year’s Fitness Tips


I’ve been training clients in NYC for over a decade and am often asked for advice on how to keep fit  during and after the holidays. Even when you’re surrounded by sweets and holiday party goodies or you’re up to your forehead in family drama or other end-of-the-year stress, it’s still possible to stick to your fitness goals. Here are a few of my favorite tricks:

1. Keep the alcohol and desserts to twice-a-week. We all want to go a little crazy on the sweets and drinks during the holidays, and if you eat “clean” the other five days of the week you can afford a little indiscretion in your diet.  A lot of my clients even commit to a “dry” January to help them get back on track — no alcohol until February 1st. 

2. Add intervals to your workouts. Study after study show that working past your comfort zone by varying the intensity of exercises, no matter what your fitness level is, can elevate your metabolism for up to 36 hours AFTER your workout; this extra boost can be what keeps you from putting on a few pounds even with some indulging!

3. Take a yoga or Pilates-style class to help de-stress. Increased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) have been shown to add inches to your mid-line, and a few peaceful mantras might be just what the doctor ordered when you’re going to be dealing with your in-laws. 

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It’s been said so many times, but it’s so true. Often people think they’re hungry when they’re actually dehydrated. Plain water is the best, but coconut water is a close second because it helps to naturally replace electrolytes lost, it’s low in calories and can help your skin glow. 

5. Motivation follows action. It’s my favorite saying when it comes to making workouts a regular part of your life. When you’re sitting on the couch feeling completely unmotivated, force yourself to get up, get into your workout clothes and out the door. Once you start moving the motivation will almost definitely kick in!

6. Skip the cabs.  I love taking taxis but let’s be honest — they get expensive and the subway is often faster.  Taking the train expends more energy and saves you a few bucks…sounds like a good New Year’s Resolution to me!

7. Something is better than nothing.  It’s easy to decide to skip all activity when getting to the gym isn’t a possibility, but even something as simple as taking two steps at a time up the subway stairs can burn a few extra calories, tone your glutes and get you to where you’re going to a bit faster.

8. Check out a new class.  When work schedules are lighter during the holidays, it’s a great time to check out a class or teacher that normally doesn’t fit into your schedule, or check out one of the many boutique gyms that have popped up around NYC.  They can get a bit pricey, but shop around — you live in the best city for fitness talent…it’s everywhere!

9. Work your core while you’re waiting for the train.  Engaging the core in balance exercises is easy, fun and can be done pretty much anywhere.  When you look at that timetable and see that the 2 train isn’t coming for 8 more minutes, challenge yourself to stand on one foot for 4 minutes and on the other foot until the train arrives.  As we get older our balance declines which can lead to slips and falls and often injuries.  Maintaining good balance is a great way to stay healthy.

10. Use your phone or tablet as a fitness tool.  Most New Yorkers are tied to their devices even more than the average American since most of us take mass transit to and from work.  Use that time spent staring at your phone to guide your fitness routine.  Keep a record of food and exercise daily so that if the results don’t start coming you can look back and see why.

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Chino Hills Fitness Expert Provides Holiday Health Tips


Top News
| latest

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George Wilson Named Bills 2011 Walter Payton Man of the Year – WKBW

December 28, 2011

Updated Dec 28, 2011 at 11:22 AM EST

Orchard Park, N.Y. (Bills news release) — Buffalo Bills safety and team captain George Wilson has been named the Buffalo Bills 2011 Walter Payton Man of the Year as voted on by selected members of the Western New York community.

Wilson was also chosen for the award in 2009.
The award began in 1970 and honors players who demonstrate outstanding balance in their lives between civic and professional responsibilities. In 1999, the NFL renamed the award after the late Walter Payton as a tribute to his greatness both on and off the field.
Wilson is having an outstanding season on the field. Despite missing three games due to injury, he leads the Bills with four interceptions and is second on the team in total tackles with 96. He is also being recognized for his great work in the community.
In 2011, Wilson was a recipient of  the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports Nutrition Community Leadership Award, which is an award given annually to individuals who improve the lives of people within their community by providing or enhancing opportunities to engage in sports, physical activities, fitness or nutrition-related programs. This year, the President’s Council presented the Community Leadership Award to 38 individuals across the country for making sports, physical activity, fitness and nutrition-related programs available in their communities.
Since arriving in 2004, Wilson is among the team’s most active participants in Bills community programs. For the past six years, he has been a spokesperson of the Bills Play 60 Campaign supported by BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York and Tops Friendly Markets, and encourages physical activity among children for at least 60 minutes each day.  As an active member of the Buffalo Bills Play 60 Challenge, he has interacted with thousands of children encouraging them to remain physically active and to engage in healthy lifestyles.  Wilson helped to introduce the program in a kickoff celebration for over 2,700 students. At the assembly, he participated in a Play 60 themed trivia show and also shared health and fitness tips with the group of 3rd through 6th grade students.
Wilson also showed his support to the Play 60 Program by visiting H.O. Brumsted Elementary in Holland, N.Y., which was named the 2011 Buffalo Bills “Play 60 Super School” through the Back to Football Friday Program. He participated in the Ultimate Physical Education Class and attended when the Bills presented the $10,000 grant to the school to help contribute to their health and wellness initiatives.
Wilson participated in the Play 60 Fitness Party in December, 2011. Over 300 children from Buffalo Public and area schools came to the Bills Healthy Zone Fieldhouse to hear George and his teammates discuss the importance of staying active for 60 minutes a day, and play interactive fitness-themed events with George and the Bills players.
As a contributing member of the 2011 Buffalo Bills Community Ticket Program, each year Wilson purchases 20 tickets to all Bills home games and donates them to the Buffalo Public Schools.  Guests of “George’s Jungle” are given food and beverage vouchers as well.
For the past three years Wilson has served as a spokesperson for the American Red Cross Blood Drives at Ralph Wilson Stadium. He has helped draw fans to the blood drive which ultimately saved many lives.
In 2011, Wilson served as a spokesperson for the Buffalo Bills Kids Escaping Drugs Campaign. With his teammates, Wilson assisted in helping raise over $8,000 for the organization.  In addition, he also mentored a group of 15 young men from a local community center in Buffalo through the “That’s Life” Program in 2010 and still has a strong bond with each one of the boys.
For his commitment to the community and passion for helping others, Wilson was selected by United Way Worldwide to serve as one of their national spokespersons in 2011. He traveled to Washington D.C. during the offseason and went through a five-day training period about mentoring and literacy education.  He now dedicates time to recruiting volunteers to mentor and educate the nation’s youth.
Wilson also found time to join many teammates at the Bills annual holiday party for children on December 13, 2011. The party was for 100 children from nine different charitable organizations and Wilson joined his teammates in visiting with children and their families and handing out presents to the kids.
As host of the popular website program “What’s the Word!” with George Wilson, Wilson uses the platform to interact with his teammates, get to know them better and share the fun with fans.
Wilson was recognized for his commitment to youth when he received the President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2008. The President’s Volunteer Service Award was given to a player from each NFL team who contributes to his community by encouraging kids to stay active and healthy. This “lifetime call to service” recognition is the highest service honor one can receive from the White House.
In addition to the community work that he does in Buffalo, Wilson also gives back to his hometown of Paducah, Kentucky.  This past summer he hosted his 3rd Annual Sports Fest Football Camp that benefitted his alma mater, Tilghman High School.  This event includes a football/cheerleading camp, bowling tournament and charity basketball game. 
Wilson started his own foundation called the George Wilson S.A.F.E.T.Y. Foundation (Saving Adolescents From Everyday Trials of Youth) to help support his mission of serving young people in the community and giving back using the unique gifts he has.  One of the primary events that the S.A.F.E.T.Y. Foundation hosts in the Buffalo area is his “Boxes of Love” event at which he provides meals for 100 families during the Thanksgiving holiday. New for the 2011 season, Wilson hosted a Bowling Night at Manor Lanes, which served as a fundraiser for his foundation. He has hosted numerous events in Paducah, including a Life Skills Camping Retreat where Wilson teaches 50 students about leadership, responsibility, self-esteem and life fundamentals. The retreat is a two-night stay which takes place every April.
As the Bills Walter Payton Man of the Year, Wilson will receive $1,000 for the charity of his choice from NFL Charities and is eligible for the league-wide NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year honor. The NFL Man of the Year will be selected by a blue ribbon panel and recognized at a press conference during Super Bowl week. The national winner will receive a $25,000 donation to the 501c3 organization of his choice.
Former Bills honored with this award include Fred Jackson, Lee Evans, Drew Bledsoe, Jim Kelly, Jerry Butler, Ted Washington, London Fletcher, Ruben Brown and Brian Moorman.


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Roanoke 100 miler event promotes fitness

Thisis when we all begin to think about how to lose those extra pounds from Christmas treats and sweets.  Here’s a healthy New Year’s resolution with a twist.

It’s called the Roanoke 100 Miler program.

Here is some more information about the event:

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet? If not, consider participating in Parks and Recreation’s Roanoke 100 Miler program. The format is simple: Log 100 miles worth of exercise in 100 days. Any “human-powered” activity is fair game: walking, running, hiking, biking, paddling, blades, etc. You can’t ride horses, and you can’t use anything motorized.

“We just want to get people active and outdoors to keep them healthy and fit,” says Outdoor Event Specialist Joe Hanning, who’s leading the program. Hanning says he prefers that folks try to get outside, but recognizes that some days are just too cold. When that’s the case, it’s OK to walk at the mall or to use treadmills or exercise bikes.

The Roanoke 100 Miler starts on Jan. 7, 2012, and ends April 15. A kick-off event will be held on Saturday, Jan. 7, at 10 a.m. on the Roanoke River Greenway in Wasena Park. On that day, participants are invited to come out for the announcement of the program’s start, and walk across the bridge to Vic Thomas Park where they can log their first mile on the greenway. In the case of inclement weather, the
announcement will be held in the Wasena Park shelter.

The program has a nominal fee: $19 if you want an official 100 Miler t-shirt, $9 if you skip the shirt. The preferred way to sign up is via the dedicated website,, where you’ll find
a link to Parks and Rec’s ActiveNet enrollment system.

During the program, Hanning will communicate with participants through email messages from “Active Andy” – the official event mascot – who will be everyone’s exercise buddy for the duration of the
program. The messages will offer fitness tips and other information to help keep folks motivated through the winter.

There will be a series of random prize drawings throughout the program period. However, prizes will not be linked to mileage benchmarks, since participants will monitor their own progress and can complete the 100 miles at any time.

The Roanoke 100 Miler program is sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports. To learn more, visit, or contact Joe Hanning at 540-853-1276.

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Realistic fitness tips for 2012

Have you already begun to fret over keeping that looming New Year’s resolution to shape up in the coming months?

Experts say that while wishing will not make it so, visualising your trimmer, fitter self can help to set you on the right path.

“Visualise your success,” advises fitness and wellness instructor Shirley Archer. “Imagine a perfect day where you are at the fitness level that you want. How would you look and feel and what would you be able to do easily if you enjoyed your ideal fitness?”

Then, says Ms Archer, the author of Fitness 9 To 5, get to work on specific goals.

“The typical mistake is being too vague and too large,” she says. “Instead of ‘I want to lose weight’, say, ‘I will walk 10 minutes Monday through Friday’. And don’t make those goals harder until you’ve achieved the easier ones.”

Big goals are fine, as long as you break them down, and learn from, and forgive, your inevitable backslides, she advises.

“Ask yourself why you did that but be emotionally neutral,” says Ms Archer. “Get rid of that self-critic.”

She calls it training from the inside out, and admits it’s easier said than done.

“Studies show it typically takes about eight weeks to make a new habit stick,” she says. “So you have to work hard to change that mindset.”

January is the busiest month for new and returning clients at many gyms and health clubs.

At Equinox, a national chain of fitness centres in the United States, Ms Geralyn Coopersmith, who oversees the education of the training staff, says she hears “the same conversation” from clients.

“(People say) ‘I need to lose some weight and I need to tone up’,” she says. “We encourage them to project themselves a year from now: what would the transformation look like?”

Then, she reminds them that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

“Coming in on January 3 with guns blazing is not a good strategy. Slow and steady wins in fitness,” she says. “It’s not as sexy as ‘get into shape in 30 days’, but you didn’t get out of shape in 30 days.”

Instead, Ms Coopersmith favours a customised approach.

“Fitness is not one-size-fits- all,” she says. “We want people to have an assessment even if they aren’t seeing a trainer regularly.”

She says clients left entirely to their own devices can make ineffective choices.

“It is human nature for people to gravitate to things they’re most efficient at, what they need the least. Sometimes you have to go against the grain.”

Mr Kevin Burns, spokesman for the American Council on Exercise, urges swopping those grandiose dreams of enormous changes for two or three smart, specific and measurable goals.

Then write them down.

“Instead of saying ‘I’ll exercise every single day in 2012′, set a schedule, set a time line, and be flexible but specific,” said Mr Burns, a Minnesota-based fitness trainer for over 20 years. “A New Year’s resolution is a marathon, not a sprint.”

He also suggests looking back at resolutions for the passing year, at what worked, what didn’t, and why.

“If it failed last year, it will likely fail again,” he says.

Whatever your path to fitness, realise that it’s going to take a little time, says Ms Coopersmith.

“The difference between success and failure is keeping your promise to yourself, and making a promise you can keep,” she adds.

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Health and Fitness Tips for 2012

Love The Skin You’re In

By Kristen Rustand

Posted -13 second ago

Weight Loss, Health and Fitness are amongst the top Resolutions for 2012. Before you commit too quickly to your Health and Wellness for 2012′s New Year’s Resolution, maybe it’s important to consider what past resolutions you’ve made and what the outcome was. Have you already committed to your health and fitness only to give up within a month? Or did you even get started? We hear all the time about failed resolutions, more so than hearing about those who have succeeded. If you’re amongst those who haven’t yet succeeded at the level you desire, doing the same thing as you have in the past will most likely produce the same result as past years. To help you get going with a fresh start to make 2012 the best year yet here are Helpful Tips.

1. Take a Before Photo. This is essential to achieving your goals. You likely have a mental image of yourself that isn’t reality. You need a starting point and a Before photo gives you a crystal clear picture of where you’re at.

2. Clearly define your goals. Focus on what you want to create and on what you’re willing to do to achieve that result. For example you may be someone who wants to lose 25 lbs this year. Creating that as a goal is a good starting point. Beyond that it’s necessary to outline what changes you’re prepared to make to lose those 25 lbs. How many times will you exercise? Within that exercise, how many strength training days will you do and how many cardio days? What will you eat to promote weight loss? How much water will you drink? Keep these goals somewhere visible such as on the mirror in your bathroom.

3. Set Yourself Up for Success by stocking your house with healthy food. Most of us do not have time to prepare every meal and snack and need some ‘on the go’ options. Be sure to cut up all your produce before it goes in the fridge so that fresh vegetables are as easy to grab in place of a granola bar. Have pre-cooked lean meats available. This allows chicken and veggies to be a quick lunch option.

4. Hire a trainer, or join group fitness classes. We all need support to keep us accountable. Working with a trainer or in a class will do exactly that and increase the intensity of your workouts. Group fitness is a lot more affordable than having a trainer if finances are tighter. Another option if needed is to have a workout buddy. You must be an honest buddy who is committed to your partner’s success. No excuses, and do not let each other off easy.

5. Join a Nutrition or Weight Loss Support Group. Get accountable with your nutrition. According to Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet nutrition is responsible for 80% of the weight loss formula. Exercise is still imperative as it allows us to achieve sleek and defined muscle tone. If we focused only on our nutrition then we simply become a slimmer version of our previous heavier selves.

6. Practice Self-Affirmations and Visualization. Professional athletes harness the power of visualization all the time. Visualize yourself enjoying your new healthy and fit lifestyle and it will happen. It will take practice and you will get there when you’re committed.

7. Adjust you Attitude. If you’re someone who isn’t excited about nutritious foods and exercise adjust your attitude from “I Have To” to “I Get To”. Nutrition and exercise are both privileges. If you’re not so sure, consider those in 3rd world countries who only have a small handful of gummy rice to eat every day. What if you were contained to a wheel chair? How bad would you want the ability to walk and run?

8. Be patient with the process. It takes work, and likely a lot of it. It also takes time, and likely a lot of that too. We live in a culture that wants everything right now and when we don’t get it we give up. You want to achieve your weight loss goals now, yet it’s going to take 30-60 days to see visible results. Results will come with perseverance and are persistence.

9. Focus on persistence, not perfection. Persistence means 90% of the time you are right on while the other 10% of the time you allow yourself a small cheat. To earn that 10% it means being bang on the other 90% of the time.

10. Remember that what we measure gets improved. Set a date for achievement and take before, mid way and after measurements. We’ve seen many people lose more than 20 inches within 12 weeks and you can too.

For more on these tips go to our Blog at

Committed to Your Success

Kristine Rustand

BMS Bootcamps

CanFitPro Certified Trainer and Nutrition Specialist


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Fitness fads that faded in 2011 – Mid

Last week, we got the experts to share the fitness trends that will reign in the New Year. This week, Tunali Mukherjee gets them to tell us about the fads they are glad didn’t become trends this year

Real instructors being replaced by virtual ones
Fitness instructor Jordyn Steig is all for keeping up with the times and integrating technology with fitness, except when it comes to gadgets being used as ‘fitness fashion accessories’. “2011 ushered in the era of the tablet computer in the city, and with it a chance for people to use it in the gym,” says Jordyn.

Sadly, there are way too many sites offering workout videos online, in the hope that consumers will pay money for the beneficial fitness advice. Unfortunately, most people don’t know the difference between sound fitness tips and one-size-fits-all training techniques that may prove beneficial only if teamed with advice from a professional.

Instead what we witness is people flashing their expensive gizmos in gym for all to see. The result? “People following moves incorrectly, not understanding not only how to, but also why they are working out, and the benefit of each element of the workout,” rues Jordyn.

Luckily, more people are now opting to workout with their instructors rather than their iPods, especially as the latter doesn’t seem to be able to help fight the flab.

The rise of the celeb diet
Nutritionist Purwa Duggal of Fortis says, “Fad diets, such as the Atkins and South Beach diets, enjoy a limited fan following because of the family structure, where we are influenced by elders.”

Even with the influx of fast foods and processed foods, Indians are becoming more conscious about the importance of following a balanced diet, believes Purwa.

She adds, “The Dukan diet gained the attention of the entire world as Kate Middleton was rumoured to be following it to lose weight (in time) for her wedding.” says Anjali.

In the diet, one is allowed only high-protein foods and oat bran, and is deprived of milk products. The diet gives short-term results, but in the long run can prove injurious to health, as it exerts a severe load on the kidneys, says Anjali, adding, “Scientifically too, the diet was not approved by experts.”

The pursuit of size zero
Fitness instructor Sunil Kudva is thankful that the size-zero concept didn’t take off in India. “And why should it,” he asks, “When Indian women are naturally meant to be curvaceous.”

Citing Ooh-la-la actress Vidya Balan as an example, he says, “Compared to the other actresses, Balan has always been more voluptuous, and managed to pull off the role of a temptress with great panache,” referring to Vidya’s role in Ishqiya.

“A smart woman realises that being sexy is not about just looking, but also feeling good. All you need to bother about is staying fit,” he sums up.

Shoes that promised to tone the rear
If only getting a pert bottom was as simple as slipping into the right pair of shoes! (Okay, so some of us fell for this, but only long enough to realise that we were being conned!) While most of us would have laughed off the idea a few years ago, thousands went running to fitness stores in search of a quick-fix.
When the claims were found to be false, a leading sports brand was forced to pay $25 million to settle a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit.

Video game-based exercising
Who wants to do Pilates, when you can be slaying demons, hunting for treasure or playing a rock concert, right! New fitness-based games continue to flood the market across various platforms right from Wii Fit to the popular Dance Dance revolution but we believe that nothing comes close to a good old-fashioned workout in the gym or a brisk walk by the sea. Good for your eyes too, yes! Though, we guess we’d have to pray for greener spaces too!

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My Favorite Gadgets